Vibration Control Solutions That Work

Isoflex takes the guesswork out of mount and coupling selection by being able to provide documented pre-installation vibration isolation models and torque/thrust calculations. We’ll help determine what will work for your application, before it’s even installed.

Isoflex Mounts

Benefits / Features

  • Patented Engineering

    Co-polymer thrust ring improves thrust capacity and provides enhanced stability in longitudinal and latitudinal forces.

  • Superior Resistance

    Isoflex mount bodies and isolation cores do not rust: Isoflex polymers contain no rubber components, making them highly resistant to oils, fuels, water, hydraulic fluids and climatic conditions.

  • Precise Isolation

    Each Isoflex mount is modular, which allows you to order one of five different cores, each with a different durometer to produce a specific vibration isolation characteristic.

  • Specific Alignment

    The Isoflex pre-lubed swivel adjuster system allows for up to 4 degrees of misalignment of engine brackets to engine bearers, and provide for 10mm (3/8″) height adjustment. Isoflex offers specially made shims for additional height adjustment.

  • Safety

    Isoflex isolators are electrically inert and all metal components are plated to ASTM B633 SC3 standard.

Isoflex Couplings

Benefits / Features

  • Solid Construction

    Isoflex couplings are constructed of engineering-grade polymer which is highly resistant to oil fuel and water. Optional bonding springs are available.

  • Dependable Protection

    Our coupling is designed to fail on impact or overload, before any gearbox damage occurs. It prevents distortion from thermal expansion, maximizes dimensional stability and minimizes run-out.

  • Cost Savings

    By reducing wear, the Isoflex coupling enhances drive bearing service life. This results in a lower long-term cost of ownership, and less equipment fatigue and maintenance.

  • Accuracy

    Isoflex couplings are accurately torqued and pilots are machined within gearbox specs to 1/2,000ths. Our larger couplings are serial numbered.

  • Consistent Performance

    Steel spigots/pilots on larger Isoflex couplings maintain consistent tolerances to ensure perfect running.