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What We Do

Isoflex manufactures a wide range of marine and industrial engine vibration minimizing products. Our engine isolators, machinery mounts and flexible couplings provide superior performance and longevity because they specifically resist fuels, oils and water.

Isoflex polymer vibration reduction technology is used in OEM manufacture, new installations and retrofits: anywhere vibration isolation or minimization is required. We serve the commercial marine, pleasure marine, industrial, power generation and mining industries.

Vibration Minimizing Products from Isoflex

Marine & Industrial Engine Mounts

The Isoflex isolation mount is a dual-purpose system for marine and industrial applications that isolates and minimizes vibration by at least 85% and produces maximum load-carrying stability.

Isoflex engine and machinery mounts feature a layer of polymer between the isolator and the engine which dampens noise and significantly lessens the impact as the engine starts and stops. This helps to increase the life of the engine and its related parts, and results in a quieter and smoother vessel operation.

Marine & Industrial Gearbox Coupling

Marine & Industrial Gearbox Couplings

Isoflex couplings assist engine mounts to do their job by allowing controlled engine movement to isolate vibration and help alleviate thrust-induced drive line misalignment. Our couplings provide a sacrificial link that is designed to fail before any gearbox damage occurs.

Designed to cover a large percentage of Twin Disc and ZF Generation gearboxes, plus many other boxes on the market.

“I originally put Isoflex flexible couplings on my boat because we had a whine in our transmission and the high pitch sound was deterring our marlin bites. I literally caught a 350 lb blue the first day back in the water after installation. From then on my blue marlin catch numbers went way up from what I had been seeing prior to installation. I have recently fixed my transmission but still run Isoflex couplings in my boat to help eliminate unwanted sound, vibration and help keep my alignment on point. I highly recommend this application to any sportfishing captain, it’s a game changer.”

Captain Chris Donato – Grander Marlin Sportfishing