Superior Vibration Isolation Products

Isoflex is leading the way in vibration isolation engineering and polymer technology. Isoflex-designed and manufactured engine mounts and gearbox couplings service both marine applications and a broad range of industrial purposes, providing exceptional resistance to degradation in petroleum environments.

Engine Mounts for Marine & Industrial Use

Isoflex engineering grade polymer technology significantly reduces engine and drive line vibration by at least 85%, resulting in a quieter, smoother operation.

Isoflex vibration isolators are a direct replacement for most common marine engines and mounts.

Marine & Industrial Gearbox Coupling

Gearbox Couplings

Isoflex couplings provide a “sacrificial link”, designed to fail before gearbox damage occurs. They assist engine mounts to do their job by allowing controlled engine movements to isolate vibration.

Our couplings are designed to cover a large percentage of Twin Disc and ZF gearboxes, plus many other boxes found on the market.