Isoflex Customer Stories

Read what our customers have to say about us.

“Isoflex actively makes improvements to their product range and they’re always available when you need to talk to them. We buy engine mounts from Isoflex. They’re more than just a parts supplier – they listen to us when we explain the issues we face in the factory and they offer solutions that help us to address those issue… They really do stand behind what they sell.”

Philip Todkill – Viking Marine Services

“Isoflex products are better quality than other similar products and they’re very competitively priced. From memory, it was John Deere who first put us onto Isoflex… we buy engine mounts and propeller shaft couplings from them. Their service is great too. They can match a mount exactly to suit any situation. They are real problem solvers. We really benefit from their technical expertise.”

Steve Shale – Marine Diesel Pty Ltd

“We had a technical problem that we couldn’t solve. We got in touch with Isoflex and they sorted it out. We’ve been doing business ever since. Their products are durable and offer long life hours, and the people at Isoflex are very easy to deal with.”

Alex Fites – Driveline Services Australia

“I originally put Isoflex flexible couplings on my boat because we had a whine in our transmission and the high pitch sound was deterring our marlin bites. I literally caught a 350 lb blue the first day back in the water after installation. From then on my blue marline catch numbers went way up from what I had seen prior to installation. I have recently fixed my transmission but still run Isoflex couplings in my boat to help eliminate unwanted sound, vibration and help keep my alignment on point. I highly recommend this application to any sportfishing captain, it’s a game changer.”

Captain Chris Donato – Grander Marlin Sportfishing

“In retrofitting our engine with minimal downtime available, the options to align the engine were to remake the engine bed for the available mounts or acquire low profile mounts.

IsoFlex mounts were recommended and a call was made to the Vice President Jonathan Lucco who was very accommodating, engine type and model were provided and he got back to us within short time with a solution.

The mounts arrived as promised, they were fitted and nine months later and over 1300 hours they are still performing as they should. We will be getting another set for our next engine change.”

R. Hinds – Atlantis Submarines