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The benefits of Isoflex polymer

The benefits of Isoflex polymer

Standard rubber mounts have been known to degrade in hostile environments. A marine engine room environment, particularly in heavy duty and commercial applications, can certainly be called “hostile”. The engine is often exposed to water, oil, fuel, hydraulic fluids and varying climatic conditions.

Isoflex has worked with cast polyurethane from the beginning due to its advantages over conventional rubber material. While polyurethanes are by definition elastomers, they are engineered for specific tasks which result in a range of improved properties over conventional rubber. Castable polyurethanes in their raw forms are liquids, not solids, which allow the ingredients to be tailored to the application. They can be cured in low-pressure molds of any shape and size, making them ideal for larger, thicker parts that need to be uniform throughout. The cast polyurethane is also easily bonded to many other materials, including many metals, plastics and composites.

The advantages of Isoflex’s polymers over conventional rubber are:

  • High resistance to oils, fuels, water and climatic conditions
  • High resistance to corrosion and impact, a common failure on other mounts
  • Not absorbing moisture in humid applications
  • A broader hardness range (Isoflex mounts are configured with 5 different shore hardnesses to allow fine-tuning)
  • Bonding easily to other materials, especially metals which are used for the inserts in mounts and couplings
  • Isoflex mounts have a co-polymer option


What is co-polymer?

Many Isoflex mounts feature a patented co-polymer, where both parts are cast nearly simultaneously to assure bonding. In this system, the black portion stabilizes the mount, handling thrust and side-loading in 360 degrees. The coloured portion handles vibration, absorbing the vibration energy. There are five different colour coded durometer cores, producing specific isolation characteristics and maximizing load-carrying stability.


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