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Why choose the IsoFlex MAXImount System?

The IsoFlex MAXImount is a dual-purpose system for marine applications that isolates and minimizes vibration and produces maximum load-carrying ability in 360 degrees. IsoFlex mounts or isolators for industrial applications have identical benefits, the most important being that they contain no rubber components. IsoFlex’s polyurethane materials make for a superior product, ensuring long-lasting use and unmatched durability. 

Why are flexible mounts the preferred choice for larger vessels?

Rigid mounts are generally attached to the stringer with bolts or fasteners, or permanently welded in place. While rigid mounts provide accurate alignment between the motor and its surrounding parts, they can be damaged by vibration in heavy-duty applications. For larger to commercial-sized vessels, using the wrong mount can cause excessive vibration and engine damage.

IsoFlex designs and manufactures flexible mounts, which feature a layer of co-polymer between the isolator and the engine that minimize noise and vibration, thereby increasing the life of the engine and its related parts. Flexible engine isolators or mounts can also significantly lessen the impact as the engine starts and stops, which reduces shock to the system. Take the right steps to match the type of mount to your engine and its specific application to avoid performance problems later.
Use the IsoFlex Marine Engine Mounts Search Tool to help make your selection.

Are your current mounts breaking studs?

In most installations, your engine mounts and studs are the main link in transmitting the power of your engine to the hull of your vessel. In heavy duty or commercial applications, even high tensile studs can suffer from premature fatigue failure. This type of failure can be accelerated when your engine bed is not perfectly parallel with your engine mounting brackets.

In these cases, IsoFlex strongly recommends the Heavy Duty Swivel Adjuster be fitted to minimize compound fatigue loads being applied to the stud.

These are available to suit:
20mm studs (Part Number: AST20)
24mm studs (Part Number: AST24)



Cast with high quality engineering grade polymer.
NO RUBBER COMPONENTS: IsoFlex polymers are resistant to oils, fuels, water and climatic conditions.
Patented co-polymer thrust ring.
Superior stability with 360 degree thrust and lateral control for reduced driveline misalignment without sacrificing vibration isolation.
Vibration isolation.
Minimizing vibration reduces equipment fatigue, human fatigue, maintenance and associated noise.
Tailored installation using proprietary software analysis.
The core selection process and vibration analysis provide the best vibration profile for each installation.
IsoFlex MAXImount System allows the mounts to be rebuilt by replacing cores if and when needed.
Lower long-term cost of ownership.
“Fail safe” or “captured” design.
Safety in heavy duty applications, knockdown or inversions. Tested to 6g forces in all axes including inversion, special mounts to 10g.



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