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Why choose an IsoFlex GEARguard coupling?

IsoFlex flexible couplings provide a sacrificial link that is designed to fail before any gearbox damage occurs. IsoFlex couplings assist engine mounts to do their job by allowing controlled engine movement to isolate vibration and helping to alleviate thrust-induced drive line misalignment. They are designed to cover a large percentage of Twin Disc and ZF Generation gearboxes, plus many other boxes on the market.



Constructed of a special engineering polymer, which is highly resistant to oil, fuel and water.
Enhances drive bearing service life by reducing wear, resulting in lower long-term cost of ownership.
Larger couplings are fitted with steel pilots.
Prevents distortion from thermal expansion, maximizes dimensional stability and minimizes run-out.
Couplings are fitted with internal hex-shaped fittings.
The possibility of inserts turning in the coupling is minimized.
Coupling isolates drive line vibration, propeller pulse and gear chatter.
Results in a quieter and smoother operating experience, with less equipment fatigue, maintenance and associated noise.
Coupling is designed to fail on impact or overload.
Saves the driveline and mounts from damage in many cases.
IsoFlex provides a simple, step-by-step measurement guideline that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right coupling for each application.
Easy to install: No cutting is required, and vessel can remain in the water.



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